N.B. The Maths Rocks programme is NOT YET LIVE, and this website is not yet operational. If you wish to be kept informed and emailed once the programme is ready, please click the button below.

Maths Rocks Features

Here you will find details of what makes Maths Rocks! special.

High Emphasis on Mental Methods

Mental Methods

Children will learn 'Number Ninja skills' such as 'Grains of Rice', 'Ooh That's close', 'Flexible Partitioning' and more.

Practice Sets

Our powerful automatic question generator allows children to engage in deliberate practice on a specific skill. Not only that, but they can then see and be encouraged by their own progress as they get faster on equivalent sets of questions.

Practice Sets with built-in Variation

Misconceptions Addressed (and Avoided)

Urgent Care & Emergencies

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Granular Progression

Many of the major schemes force children to make cognitive leaps that are too large, leaving them confused and discouraged. Maths Rocks! does the exact opposite; small steps that allow children to think about what has changed.

Granular Progression